Core Community Partnership

Core Community Partnership is the ‘rubber hits the road’ opportunity as our public declaration and commitment to one another, and to the unique vision and mission of us as a local church. So it’s kind of a big deal!
As you gain clarity on us and what we’re about, our hope is that it will help you to discover and discern whether Devonport Church of Christ is the local church community that best aligns with your personal call, vision and missional expression.
The decision to become a ‘Core Community’ Partner is a big decision and we understand that it takes prayerful consideration and ongoing commitment. However, we want you to know that whether you decide to become a Core Community partner or not, you are always included and welcome with us.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Application to Serve

We are vigilant in ensuring that the volunteers who we allow to work with children and youth are thoroughly screened and considered ‘approved’ to volunteer in our ministries to children and youth. However, all potential volunteers in our church are required to complete an application to serve and complete all necessary screening and training.

Working with Children Check