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Welcome to Term 4 2021!

Welcome to Term 4 2021!

Hey there Ignite Youth! We are so excited for this term and we hope you are too!

Grade 5's you are now welcome to come to Ignite Youth Junior!

Grade 8's you are now part of Ignite Youth Senior!

If you need any more information, or you have questions make sure you get in contact with Yowie!

Here is the program for this term as well!

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Ignite Youth -Junior High and Senior High

About Ignite:

Ignite Youth is for young people in grades 6-12. (Grade 5's in term 4). We want a fun, engaging place where youth know they are valued. Our desire is to share about a God who loves them and the Good News of Jesus. This doesn't mean we are only for Christians; all are welcome at Ignite Youth! We have many young people who don't share our faith but who love the friendships and fun in our program.

No need to register young people can just rock up on Friday night. However all young people must be signed in and out by an adult. We also need an information consent form (links below!) This can be done on the night!

Unless otherwise advertised Ignite Youth meets at Devonport Church of Christ on Friday nights during school terms. Our events run from 6:30pm-8:30pm and cost $3

If you have any questions at all about Ignite Youth then please contact Iain Anderson: or 0429694343

Useful Links

Ignite Youth Online Registration Form

Facebook and Instagram: @IgniteYouthDev

Generational Ministries Information Form 2021

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Ignite Youth Worship Playlist

We want to provide you guys with some worship music to fill your homes! So follow this link or check out Devonport Church of Christs' Youtube channel to see our playlist of Ignite Youth worship music. They are all lyric videos so you can worship along!